Is it possible to be a bad kisser?

I'm 14 and haven't had my first kiss. However, I've been talking to a guy for a while now and he insists we hang out but I've been putting it off because I'm scared he'll try to kiss me. This guy has had plenty of girlfriends therefore plenty of experience while me on the other hand hasn't had my first kiss. Is it possible to be a bad kisser? Any tips?


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  • just be gentle and only add pressure if it feels like he is looking for it.


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  • The first kiss is always such a headache! First you'll do fine, go kiss the boy!
    You need to relax your mouth and mimic what his doing, do it slowly first and you'll understand what mouth moves you should be doing. If he uses tongue do exactly what he's doing with his, and let his touches yours first!
    Putting this way sounds hard but you can do that. The very first kiss can be a little weird I would say, but after that and once you know what a mouth feels like you'll do it naturally. Goooooood luck gaaaal!


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