Is it weird not to be turned off by granny panties?

I know they have a bad rep, but my girlfriend wears them and I'm not turned off.


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  • Are you talking about the HUGE, waist-high types, or just the ones that GFs and women wear when they have their period?
    My last girlfriend used to wear white 'Boyshorts' because those worked for her, during that time. . .
    Personally, I prefer something soft, cotton, and comfortable, for her, and not some tramp string up her bottom, or some itchy lace thing!!

    • She wears the high waist type

    • I think that as a guy, we need to be more considerate of women, and what they like to wear, and what is comfortable, for them! Ever try to wear some of those lacy things, and thongs, and stuff? No, most guys aren't secure-enough in their own sexuality to even try something like 'panties' on, even for a girl's fun, and role playing!!
      I decided a long time ago that I need to figure out, for myself, how to like what she is comfortable wearing, be that boyshorts, or briefs, or whatever she feels comfortable in. Who am I to try to force her to wear something that she HATES, but she does, because she wants to please, and wants to look hot.
      I think she looks 'HOT' in whatever she is comfortable in, because when she is comfortable, she is more likely to want to feel the playful, and sensual things, when you are together, rather than fighting the itch of lace, or hating a thong rubbing in the wrong places!!

  • Nah, I'm not turned off by them either

    They aren't bad at all, they've just become a joke amongst girls somehow

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