I started seeing a guy & stalked through his old photos of him and his ex girlfriend and now I feel weird... Should I?

First to explain... We are from the same town but all of different ages and I had never met him before. I saw his ex girlfriend in school since she is younger than him, and thought she was pretty.

Soo.. I friended her on fb a year ago and said hi to her. She's super friendly and we haven't spoken much since the introduction but like each otjer's things. She has been dating a transgender, now male, for about a year now. They seem in love.

I noticed, back in 2012-2013 she was dating this guy who I thought was just soooo amazing looking.. Like my kind of perfect. I stalked him on fb just like drooling lol. Nothing happened, I stopped thinking about him.

Then a couple weeks ago... He and I matched on tinder. He and his ex have been broken up since winter of 2013... Based on what I saw looking through her photos. They just seemed so perfect and cute together.. And my friend who knows his brother and his friends said he was so in love with her.

I feel so weird about it but I really am excited about the guy. I rarely have crushes and this guy just really seems like a gem. Should I feel weird? Will she think it's weird if anything happens and I end up dating her ex? He and my only mutual friend on fb is her, which is weird too. Am I just overthinking this? Please Tell me I am.

I guess I feel weird bc what if he still is in love with her? What if I can't compare? Or what if she thinks I talked to her bc I was into her ex? They are both older than me too, so I don't want to be that younger creepy girl... I'm not but I don't know


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  • No, I think it's awesome you are into him like that. He's lucky. I say go for it and see if you guys end up compatible

    • Aw thank you, that actually made me feel better. Fingers crossed on this one!

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  • I dont really know your situation therefore can't answer but I wish you luck.


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  • Are you friends with her? If not, I doubt she will mind, unless she's insane.

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