She doesn't like me back but still wants to be close friends?

I've been talking to this girl that I like a lot for a couple months, and have gotten quite close to her. It seems like she definitely likes me back, showing all signs of interest like staring and smiling from across the room, laying her hand on my thigh, teasing, compliments, finding stupid excuses to talk to me, m - when we are together people joke that we're going out and she just smiles - no objections.

Just today I decided it was time to tell her, and to my surprise she doesn't like me back, apparently she is just like that with her close friends? She wants to be close friends still and not make things awkward and I agreed.

Now I was ready to accept the fact that we wouldn't be together until...

Throughout the day we passed eachother and smiled. Later on in the day she approached me and starts a conversation, we're making eye contact, smiling, teasing, and touching.

It's really confusing as she straight told me she didn't like me back when I told her I did, but then she still shows signs of interest just a few hours later...

So basically what i'm asking is whether now that i've told her that I liked her she has suddenly become interested, or is she just being the close friend that she wanted us to be OR is she just playing me along for attention?

please enlighten me


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  • You just made a rod for your own back, how is this going to work as a friendship when clearly you like her way more than just friends and she does not like you the same way, but is still being nice to you, all i am saying is don't be glutten for punishment, if you can handle just the friends thing and her being overly nice then do it but do not expect anything more she made her feelings clear, if you can't and it's torment staying friends then distance yourself from her and move on, your decision at end of the day.


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  • I dont really know your situation therefore can't answer but I wish you luck.