Can you be a good looking guy and apparently still 'punching above my weight'? Or is this just a way of the guy saying he's jealous?

I've been going out with my girlfriend for almost 2 years. We've always had complements as being really good together etc. Then literally one day this guy from work, (was totally unexpected) told me I was punching well above my weight with my girlfriend in front of her. I did shrug it off but I don't find it in anyway to be a compliment. Also I don't find it to be true, we are very physically well matched she is pretty I'm handsome.

What is totally ironic is the fact that the guy is short, 35 with glasses, stocky build with ginger hair and just looks goofy. Like that makes me laugh that he had the balls to say such a thing given he is actually quite ugly haha.

I've never felt we were unmatched on looks and now he's said this I'm just thinking is this what everyone who meets us will think. Or is he just jealous? Or since he's new was it a shit test to see where I stand in terms of the macho/manly pecking order. I am an honest guy I think my girlfriend is the shit and I am lucky (so would any guy be to have her) but she is lucky to have me too. And this phrase suggests I'm well below her. I know I'm not.

I'm so confused why he said that haha given how he looks haha, if the guy was even mildly attractive I may believe him haha. Anyone shed some light on this?


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  • He was being a bitter jealous asshole.
    I am sorry he made you feel like shit. That's just how some people are. :/


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  • he's jealous