My boyfriends ex has his hoodie and keeps saying she'll drop it off but hasn't?

He dated this girl for a week and then she broke up with him. She still has his hoodie which has sentimental value apparently, she said she would drop it The in the apartment lobby where he stays when she was back in state, but I think she wants him to go to her house to get it because she wants to see him, and she knows he's dating someone else now. I don't want him going to her house. We've been dating for 3 months.
They also still follow each other on Instagram. What should I do?


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  • He's just busy

    • No. My boyfriends ex not mine

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  • You both have been Seeing One another for More than a Month of Mondays here, dear, and with this Being Said.. Time to Talk Turkey to him.
    Tell him it's not Wise to keep her 'On Instagram,' she is just Instigating Trouble in your own Paradise. With Keeping her close like this, she is Not Returning his Piece too Fast, She is probably Hoping for a Hook and a Look into the Past again.
    He needs to either Forget the Hoodie or Take you To... Her house to collect it from this Chick. He cannot have his Sweet cake and Eat it Two ways.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I would just wait for her to drop it off, its just a hoodie, if it has sentimental value, ok but he doesn't need it RIGHT now. Like you said they dated for a week so how serious could it have gotten?

  • You should come with him to that hoe's house when you pick it up. xD

    That's what I would do. Like yeah here he is, and guess with who? ME!