When a guy gets speechless in front of you?

There's this shy guy who likes me and the first time I tried talking to him he was blushing like crazy and went speechless after speaking a few words.. the conversation was pretty short and it was like I was talking to myself.. I got a bit uncomfortable that he was just staring at me without saying anything and left... by the way he's very comfortable talking to other girls..

Is he not interested in talking to me? Or is he just nervous?


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  • He probably really likes you or may have just been surprised you actually talked to him. Maybe try again sometime or make it so it is not just the two of you

    • So what do you suggest she do?

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    • Yes me too

    • Thanks for MHO 😋

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  • Come on... you know what's up, why are you even posting this?

    • Lol I'd figured it out.. but I just wanted some confirmation.. I thought maybe he was not interested in talking to me.. I'm pretty shy myself..

    • I got that (and I sort of understand), this was my way of giving you some confirmation.

  • So whats the question?


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  • He's nervous or he just doesn't like you at all.

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