Girl lost feelings, then starts dating someone else right after. Girls answer please?

So I started talking to this girl around Feb. We had a huge connection music wise. (our favorite band was the same) well we started talking and we hit things off well. She currently goes to school about 8 hours from her home town. She is from where I'm from. So when we first started talking she was planning on visiting home so we met. Things were great. Great conversations, we literally connected so well. It was really good. Well she went back to school, but we kept talking. We had long deep conversations over Skype, text, fb, and feelings grew. So we decided that when she got home for summer break we would try to see if a relationship is there. Boy the first few weeks she was home gor break were priceless. We had so much fun. As time went on problems arose. Our plans kept falling through, we had to keep canceling hangout times. Plus on top of that I lied to her about where I was staying. So things got rocky. She told me she felt burnt out/stressed with all of it, but I asked if we could fix it. She agreed because we both really liked each other. Well about a week ago I notice she becoming more and more distant plus she had been asked out on a date. I was kinda shocked. We still kinda had the same pace, but just recently I went to see her and I thought we really worked things out, we even made out for a bit. So now comes this week. I finally ask her what's going and she said she lost feelings for me. So basically when she said she was burnt out that's when they died but she kept going to see if they would come back. Now she's already in a relationship with this guy now mind started talking on the 18th and are together, posing pics on fb. So she still wants me to be in her cause we do get along well friend wise. What should I do? Also note she always wanted to go slow but that doesn't seem like the case with this guy. I really cared about this girl. I still do. I know we have a great connection but did the lies and canceled plans weaken it? Help please?


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  • i wonder if maybe the relationship just wasn't smooth enough to work in her mind. Even though you connected, if it seemed like you guys had issues and any fights or hurt feelings, it was just too much emotionally for her. I think the weight of the relationship outweighed the good times you guys had. If a girl is drained emotionally and burnt out, that's a big feeling to carry around a red flag as to what it be like in the future. I don't think you could of done anything different to save it romantically. As much as it sucks, it just happened that way. When you find someone who makes your life better with them in it it doesn't take much to become a couple. I think that's why she seemed to move on fast. Be glad you're friends and look for a girl who makes your life better and who will be your BFF. You'll find her :) I hope this helped! I can't speak for her but that's my opinion.

    • Okay so how do I go about being her friend? Like we used to talk everyday and I know that can't happen now just what should I do to have a good friendship with her?

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  • Oh man
    That's hard indeed
    Since she's already in a relationship.. you can't do much
    Just go and FIND ANOTHER GIRL
    You might thing this one is special.. but no it's just your hormones 😄
    So do the same as she did and meet some other hot chicks and FORGET about this one for good

    • So don't even have a friendship?

    • I don't know.. just think about it for a second
      Does this girl really deserves what you're doing for her?
      The amount of feelings and thoughts that flows in your head for her.. does she really Worth it?

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  • Move the fuck on, honestly you don't want to get involved with girls like that too much.


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