Always getting 'cold feet' in relationships?

firstly please don't think of this as really rude I'm trying to tell it as honestly as possible. I usually go for guys a little below my league, often after having a small crush on them and finding out they like me. It seems that they normally seem to like me more than I like them, at the beginning I'm always really into it and it's fun but as soon as it gets slightly serious I freakkkk out, It's not that I have commitment issues, well I might tbh. My dad ran out on my mum and I when I was younger and we've struggled a lot in the past. I'm not sure if this effects my realasionships but I think it might, I even find it difficult to keep interest in friends let alone being singularly devoted to one person. However in relationships after we 'start to drift' or something I get the feelings back so now I'm stuck in this situation again but have feelings for three other guys and I don't know what to do, I thought I really liked him and we get along really well but, I know it shouldn't matter but what my family and friends say really gets to me, and it's not just that I've got this panicky feeling and just want to be single but I think I want a relationship? Also the idea of being 'tied down' kind of freaks me out like I know it's sounds awful but what if someone better came along, I know that I don't have a chance with other guys and they'd feel how I feel about these guys but I don't know ahhhhhhhh


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  • You're still young
    There's no real commitments.. or relationships
    Just hormones and energy
    So no you don't have any problems or anything but it's just a phase
    Keep everything cool and always make new friends
    And that's it..😊


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  • I am starting to think that I might have the same issue.
    You like the thrill of being infatuated, but when that goes away, you don't want to continue with that person and you get scared of being tied down.
    I'd recommend you to stop dating for some time.