What do you guys think about teltelling a guy friend youve had relations with that your going on a date?

So ny friend and i have slept together he has talked about other girls tho so its just a no strings attached thing. Today he asked me if i wanted to go out tbh i like him but i alreadyhave a date tonight plus going out with him is just as friends and so he called i told him i already had plans for a movie with a friend. He just said okay. was it bad for me to reject him since i do like him and let him know i already have plans?


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  • No you did the right thing by telling him. If you would had ignored his message it would had looked just as bad. Also he talked about other girls to you. So their is nothing wrong with going out on a date. He is lucky you even told him your plans because you didn't have to.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he has talked to you about other girls, then there is no harm to tell him about other guys as well.
    No, it was not bad to reject him.

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