Help? Should I chase him? We matched on tinder & talked very little.. Then he deleted his tinder... Should I add him on Facebook?

Soo I had this crush on a guy older than me (26 years) who I never met in person but through mutual friend on fb stalked him and thought he was really cool. I have had tinder for awhile now, and just a couple weeks ago came across him on there. I think he just got it. He's a small guy, kinda reserved and not like a ladies man but since I know his crowd I'm totally into him. I am attractive myself, tinder guys have asked if I'm a robot multiple times.. So I at least have a nice face working for me.

We both swiped and matched. I talked to him first, he replied within seconds. However, I took som advice from my friend and played hard to get... Like I would take 10/20 min to respond, then after that our messages were spread out over days. They weren't lengthy messages either. Finally, I asked if he wanted to talk somewhere else. He said he would be very into talking somewhere else. Hours later I asked him if he had a preference where... Then the next day he deleted his tinder. He didn't unmatch me but actually deleted it bc I couldn't find him on my fake account.

Should i I add him on Facebook? Could he just not be into tinder since he only had it for a couple weeks and thought it was gross? Maybe he thought I was a player? Is it worth a shot? Or will he think that's super creepy since I shouldn't know his last name?

Well we have a date this Thursday. CHASE that hoe women chase em


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  • Never chase a guy.

    • Disagree but want to close this mf

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    • I sent him a request, he accepted, he apologized to me, and I asked him out and he said definitely.. And now we're gonna go on a date 😁

    • Happy for you :) good luck!

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  • If he wanted to keep in touch he would have

    • U didn't even read my q