She made me feel bad about asking for sex, what should I do?

me and my girlfriend have been dating for two months. We've had sex once. We are in a long distance relationship. I'm 1 1/2 hours away from her. She asked me if it bothers me we don't fool around a whole lot when together? I said no not at all. Cause it doesn't. But now I feel bad for asking. Recently I've been wanting it. I've asked her she said no. I understood and changed the subject. Now I don't even want to ask I feel bad for asking. What should I do?


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  • Ummm, without being silly for asking the obvious, here goes...

    Why not say you want to have sex and ask if she does? If she says she doesn't, ask why not?

    If you can continue on without sex, then caring on as is. If not, then fix it so she can handle sex or move on from her. These are your options.

  • Just drop it as she had her answer

  • Maybe she isn't ready. Maybe she had a bad experience. Dont force her to do anything she's not ready for. I understand you have needs.. but maybe sit down and talk with her. Tell her how you really feel. Relationships is about 2 pple satisfying each others needs (its not always about sex) but try to do other things. Show her that you want more from her then just sex. Do romantic things. If you have any problems. Leave before you cheat


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