I don't feel like I love anyone else right now?

So I just got left by my boyfriend (he's terrible for me) but when we where today her he was so loverly and I loved him.

And now there's this other guy (he's loverly as really good for me) interested in me and I'm not increasingly mad about him.

I just feel like I didn't want that to happen I loved and wanted to stay with the ex and I didn't want to get with guy 2 originally.
But that's what has happened. Like that's what other people decided would happen/ made happen.

I just feel shit right now.

I hope I will fall for guy 2 eventually.


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  • It's simply too soon. You're not yet open to getting to know guy number 2 better (and maybe finding out he's just as good, or better, for you than your ex).


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  • slow down