Males acting rude/weird or not normal?

I'm a female and using my guy friends account--

I just want to get some perspective on why a guy might act this way. I went on a date with a guy. We went to dinner- had good conversation. He came to my house- he carries around weed in a vaporizer so we smoked some and drank a little. The guy seemed pretty nice, but when he was drunk- he kept talking over me. It got annoying- I kept asking him to stop and he said sorry but kept doing it. He claims he makes about 20k a year, but he seemed to just spend money like nothing. He had no car, and took an uber to see me- so for uber alone he spent like 80.00 that night most likely.

I wanted to see a concert and told him about it- he said he wanted to go for sure. I then asked if he wanted to go and he said yes--he got a ticket right away. I went to pick him up the day of the show. He said he was excited- when i picked him up- he was acting weird. He wasn't friendly, and was basically just silent- wasn't talking, engaging in conversation, positive--he was dead no energy. I told him he was quiet- when he tried talking it was awkward. I asked if he was nervous. Finally it just got bad- like he was doing it on purpose- juts wanting to upset me. halfway there, he was still silent and had headphones on- i said a woman, a friend a date is taking u 2 hours out of town and u can't even talk to her? this is so rude- i mentioned it 10 times.. he didn't budge- said he was 'scared to say the wrong thing." I said.. im your ride like wtf? do you want to take an uber back? he said "i probably have to." Then he said i cud drop him off right there- i gave him more chances- dead silence. so i dropped him off at a starbucks. He didn't go to the show and spent money taking an uber back.. he couldnt even FAKE talking to me- i felt disrespected insulted and he ruined the show for sure. The rest of the night went bad.. why would someone do something so stupid. spend 150.00 for no reason waste money, time.. it was crazy..

he did seem turned on- did mention i was good looking, but was acting like a jerk/prick. I told him you're acting like a jerk.. what is going on? It was the weirdest interaction--just crazy weird. He's a geeky type weird guy who lives with his mother. He was weird in general but his behavior was just out there...


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  • Maybe he was shy or worried about talking too much and being overbearing like the last time

    • i agree-- i thought that at first- thought maybe he was scared of talking too much. But then it got weird- its like he was getting off on it- he wanted to piss me off. He also seemed really turned on esp when he left- he seemed glad to get out of the car and miss a slipknot show which he paid 80.00 for and spend 60.00 taking uber back--i went with a friend and had fun but i felt bad for the situation... i dont think anyone else would act the way he did...

    • the guy has 2 kids from 2 different women--he's slept with women on the first date--he's def not a shy guy who has anxiety issues not on that level

  • You said he's weird - weird people act weird. Yelling at them because you don't like how they're acting never helps, though. Maybe he has anxiety. Try talking to people nicely.

    • i didn't yell at him... i was upset and frustrated... i was nice to him the whole time.. asking him what was going on--he was being a jerk like he got off on it... i doubt he has anxiety.. he spent 7 hours talking to me non-stop the other day

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