Girls, Why does she say hi when I have practically never spoken to her?

Ok so I have noticed this women who I see around well I used to see her around everyday and to be honest I thought she was beautiful but never made any moves we just used to stare. If I would sit up close she would look at every BUT me ! But other times look me up and down. But now that I see her around like once a month she now walks past me to get to the other side of the train smiles , says hi and blushes. I have NEVER spoke to her


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  • This is similar to the situation with my crush! We stare, I try to talk to him, and then he looks like a deer in headlights and runs away. She's trying to make a move. Why don't you strike up a conversation? If you're interested, let her know. She's clearly into you. Good luck!

    • A deer in the head lights lol ! how do you mean a deer in the head lights like as in you don't see him for months?

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    • Oh my. Maybe just flirting for fun then... That's so awkward.

    • Ino she seemed really anxious as well