How do you know if the girl truly wants a second chance in the relationship?

My girlfriend begged me a second chance, but she isn't acting overly interested in me. She says romantic things, but it doesn't seem like she means what she says.
What should i look for if a girl truly wants a second chance?


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  • What did she do? Why is she asking for a 2nd chance?

    • she lied about some things. how should she act during a 2nd chance?

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  • No second chances. Ever.

    • why not

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    • wait how is it weak? like they wouldn't find it sweet and want to make it up

    • No. They already fucked up once, if you give them another chance you are showing that you will allow tolerate things that you shouldn't tolerate.

      Women HATE weak men. If you show that you're spineless, she's going to use you for whatever she can get out of you and then move on. She might say one thing, but she'll be doing something (and someone) else. She'll have nothing but contempt for you.

      Thus, no second chances.

  • How did you even manage to impress her in the first place?