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My boyfriend and i have been together for 9 months. We met 7 months after my last breakup. I finally found somebody i was comfortable being with after what happened. Things were so good. I immediately fell in love. He gave me butterflies, he was the sweetest person, he sent me good morning text everyday, he would call me in the middle of the night just to talk.. he was everything i needed. Anyway, i haven't seen him in 7 months. He calls everyday, and we write each other since he's away. He told me that me, his mom, and his sister was the only females he was calling. I got a letter from him saying that he was calling his best friend which is a girl. If she was just his friend, why would he lie about that? I confronted him about it and he said it was because his mom has cancer, and that his friend lived a few blocks down from her so she did him a favor and helped her. He also said in one of my letters i told him if i ever found out he was talking to another female i'll leave and that he didn't want me to feel how i do now. He said he told me now because he saw i was being honest and he felt he should do the same. Im not mad that he called her. Im upset that he lied about it. I feel like if he lied to me about that he lied about something else. I really care about him but I don't know if i should believe him. I've made worse mistakes and he forgave me but i just can't do the same. I dont wanna believe he's gonna hurt me. I wana trust him but im scared. I don't know what to do. Im having trouble forgiving him for this. Deep down i know he love me too. But its still hurts that he felt like he can go to her and not me


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  • I think you guys need to work on your trust and communication with each other so that you can trust him and he feels like he can come to you as well

    • Yeah. Im currently working on that right now. But if someone will lie to you about little things. Its hard for me to do that

    • I completely agree. I hope it works out for you guys though

    • Thank you. I hope so too

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  • I think you're being sort of unreasonable. Has he ever given you a reason not to trust him? Why are you being so controlling?
    She's just his friend.

    • How am i being controlling and unreasonable? If i wouldve lied about something like this or anything. he will never let me forget it.. and second , if she was just his friend. He wouldn't have lied about it. Also, if i was so controlling he wouldve told me by now because he's very outspoken and will tell me how he feel no matter what. But this specific thing he lied about it. And yes he has given me a reason not to trust him.

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