I have no game?

Yea so when I first meet a girl or whatever I have no game because nervous and I think this literally kills me.

I'm only funny and cool until after I grt comfortable and cool down.

What can I do? Getting tired of getting rejected and I feel bitter tbh


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  • Talk to her like you would talk to any of your guy friends and stop worshipping her ass.


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  • Alcohol is a kind of bad suggestion but it can do the trick. Won't necessarily help you meet nice girls, but it'll take away some of that nerve-wracking part. For me it was the "training wheels" I needed when I first started hooking up with girls, but I was getting more hook-ups than girlfriends (I wanted a girlfriend).

    A better route might be to network and socialize a bit, make lots of friends (both genders). Then you get comfortable hanging out with girls in a totally friendly context and viewing them and talking to them like ordinary people without turning into a nervous wreck. When you like a girl a bit and find her attractive and you're in a nice conversation with her, hit her up and ask her out right then and there. No need to wait months to do it.

    • Try to change the way you look at the prospect of asking a girl out on a date. Instead of thinking of it like a romantic proposal, think of it like just a friendly invitation to get to know a girl better. That'll tend to make you ask sooner and without feeling so nervous about it.

    • If I go the friendly way though wouldn't I come off as uninterested

    • It's not necessarily a bad thing if you do the laid back route and don't show too much interest in a girl.

      It can give somewhat of a vibe like it's not a huge deal. That'll make it so a rejection can be friendly as well, not awkward, and you might even be able to keep the girl as your friend, meet her girlfriends, etc. The other is that it can kind of give off a sense of confidence when it's "no biggie", which might make you seem more interesting and attractive.

      The main thing is not to go the nice guy zone. Stand tall, be her equal, don't try to kiss her ass.

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  • Stop putting so much pressure on yourself when u talk to girls. Be loose and casual, talk to her as a fellow human instead of some deity you need to impress.

    Then at the end, casually ask for her phone number, like it is no big deal.

    • This is good advice but I'll probably fuck this up too by saying something stupid or boring.

  • "I'm only funny and cool until after I get comfortable and cool down."
    Then get calm and cooled down. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)