How do you move your tounge for a kiss?

I've had many relationships but i would never kiss anybody. for multiple reasons, which is because I'm shy and also because I want it most importantly to be with someone I won't regret. I just feel the moment should be perfect just like one with loosing their vignity. and fyi ik it sounds sty upid becasue kissing is done daily and no considered no big deal but to me it is. so now that I found someone I really like I need to know how do you kiss them? How should your tpunge move and what are thngs that will make him go crazy. I really don't wanna tell him I'm 20 and never had my first kiss lol. someone helppppp!


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  • It tends to just kind of happen naturally, especially if you're with an experienced kisser.

    Only thing is that some women can get a bit too aggressive for my taste, practically shoving their tongue down my throat, and bad breath is pretty off-putting to me (ex: kissing a girl after she had a dinner consisting of a lot of garlic). I prefer it when our tongues kind of touch sensually but not too aggressively.

    Mostly you should just do whatever pleases you in the moment. It's not a performance, it's something both of you should enjoy.

    • The guy im talking to is very skilled. at what point should your tpunge stop and how do you move it or ways you like for that person to move their tounge?

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    • @This_is_my_username
      Lol that does sound very nasty but it's good advice

    • Thats very good advice

  • Just go with what you feel and maybe follow his lead the first time or toe and you will get better as you do it more


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  • Place your lips close to his lips, open your mouth just a little bit. You know when you kiss the back of your hand that move your mouth does? Yeah, repeat that with a little bit of pressure. Then step back a little bit, again and wait for him to take the next step. Mimic what he's doing. Open your mouth again and wait for his tongue to touch yours, once they touch just do what he's doing with his tongue. Play! Relax, it might not be perfect at the very first time but the next one will be fine cause you will understand more what moves are you supposed to do.

    • and when u step back crack a little smile so you look like your kinda teasing and dont appear to be retarded..

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    • ah well thank you and you are very welcome

    • @MrAssHat; )

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