Is it attractive when a man is the kind if guy you want to have taking care of you (women)?

Hi there, I was thinking about cavemen times and how maybe the alpha males or alphas were the ones that took care of the others. Is it attractive to you gals if a man is someone that you would like to be taken care of by? And if so what makes a man this kind if man? Thank you.


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  • Actually no. I prefer it when things are reciprocal.

    • Thanks. Is it attractive when a man has higher "status" than you? And what would cause a man to have higher "status" or "rank".

    • It's definitely not attractive to me. But then again, I am not the right person to be asking this question.

    • answering* not asking.

What Guys Said 2

  • Sometimes you can be kind and compassionate in a way that will keep you from being seen as like a sniveling nice guy type and possibly even attract women through a kind act.

    The key to balance it out for me is to project some of those masculine qualities (like leadership, independence, strength), to not kind of kiss her ass: a stern kind of compassion.

    For example, putting a blanket over a woman when she sleeps might tug at her heart strings if you maintain a state of independence, not being that guy kind of clinging to her and trying to care for her at every single opportunity.

  • Women do normally find a leader to be attractive yes.. and as for what makes a man this.. for me it was something i learned in the military and from my own father