If it is not possible to change how a woman feels about you, why everyone expect him to change feeling about her and move on?

People say that if a woman does not like you, you can not change her mind. The only thing to do is to move on. But if is not possible to change feeling of a woman about you, why people expect men to move on and change feeling about her?
When people say to me to move on, actually make me think that I can actually change her feeling about me even more. If I can change my mind about her, she can change her mind about me. ( I am not saying that I will persist, but it is what come in my mind when happen, and I can not give an answer)
The same thing applies when aguy is not interested in a girl.


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  • Because it's pointless to keep trying with someone who doesn't give a shit.
    You can't make her change her mind, but you can change your mind and accept that she doesn't want you.

    • How can I change my feeling with logical reasoning? Love is not irrational? This is also the reason why it is useless to keep trying on someone, because you can not change how someone feel (including yourself) with logic.

    • Nothing to add?

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  • I get where you are going at but this is said because you can literally change your mind but not someone else's because you only have control of your own. Now people can feel different and like you suddenly but behaving different for that to happen is not being yourself. Lots of times it's easier to move on and like someone else so you don't feel so depressed and 💩

    • But you can not control your feeling with logical reasoning. That's also the main point why girls say that they will never change their mind about you.

    • Yeah agreed. I like someone right now and thought she liked me too but it seems like she has put me on "hold" due to a recent break up and maybe not being sure about it and I'm mind blown. I want to just forget about her and if she comes back a month later and says she likes me and I'm not with someone I'll probably go out with her but it's really hard to just forget about my feelings for her. Life isn't fair man-ya just gotta deal with it the best you can for your own sake.

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  • You don't have to change you feelings. But if a woman does not return your interest, you have to stop asking. And yes, you will lose interest in her as soon as you meet someone else.

    • I like a girl that I met 6 years ago and we date for few months. After she said to me that she does not feel the same. Since then I am not in contact with her and I think she live also in another country now. How long I still have to wait in order to lose interest? I met a lot of girls, but no one make me stop thinking about her.

    • You may never forget her. But that shouldn't stop you from having a great time meeting other girls. Eventually another will come along that produces the same feelings.