I feel like I'll never find 'someone' ?

I don't think of myself as very attractive, but I'm only attracted to some of the hottest guys around. this isn't necessarily a problem as all of them are attracted to me as well, but I find it very difficult to even find a guy that I would consider 'attractive', I'm basically only attracted to 1:500.000 guys?
I've tried dating guys with AMAZING personalities but I just couldn't bring myself to actually want to make out with them or see myself together with them in some months.

Most 'attractive' guys that I've met had shitty personalities, and I think personality is also very important in a relationship.

my friends are always asking why I'm not going on dates more, and even though I want to date more and hook-up with guys more I just can't bring myself to find more guys attractive...

is there anything I can do about this, or is there a reason why I'm like this?


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  • We all have standards of some level.

    And they always degrade with age.


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  • You find them when you less expect them. That's how it works for me. Don't try too hard, you'll find him/her accidentally as a surprise.


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  • be patient and dont try to force it and in time you will meet someone that your really connect with and you will be glad you took your time..

  • Serious problem 😂 LOL
    You sound picky but it's fine
    Just wait is what you can do :P


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