Would you discourage your sons girl from marrying your son?

so your son is a loving man a caring MSN toward his girl and prides himself in her. would you break your sons heart and tear him apart by telling his hirl that she deserves better?


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  • Is it the sons opinion of himself that he is a "loving man and cares for her"? Because if my son wasn't what he says he is then I would definitely tell the girl because thats a waste for them both. I actually had a boyfriends father tell me not to marry him and that I could do better. He even went to my parents about it, and now as an older adult I respect him a lot for it.

    • it is not an opinion why would you hurt your own child you will never do that to your daughter why hurt your son?

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    • Not at all. It's hard to discipline him because he has this ridiculous grin that melts your heart.

    • did yiu have any childhood beef with boys when you were younger?

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  • Well funny thing you bring this up.. As my father actually tried that with ym ex wife.. But he intended to be the better choice hahahaha.. The only time in my life iv punch my father.. Can we say fucked up family?

    • the best thing to do is not introduce uour girl to your family. rather wait until you deep in it first and that uou 100%sure she loves you. do t be hasty to introduce her to them because theyvwantvyou to be there little boy for all their lives

    • dont need to worry about that anymore hahaha entire family is deceased

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  • I don't see why I would.

    • you can't blame you children and discourage their spoyses if you were the one who raised them can you?

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  • Why the fuck would you say that about your son. Like is this a legit question for you in real life or just curious about what people would do in these circumstances?

    • this one women discouraged her dsughter in law from marrying her son you get messed up people that will hurt their oen

    • That's just fucked up man. Unless the kid has disabilities or is very special then I don't know why a family member would do such a thing. even then you would just talk to the one he/she is marrying and make sure they know what they are getting themselves into.