Since women in my country (usa) don't want me should I give foreign women a try? Are foreign women better than American women? Why or why not?

I done everything, I worked on myself, joined dating sites , put myself out there, approached all types of women, etc, and still can't get a date. I'm not socially awkward nor am I overweight, I keep myself up as in terms of clothes and hygiene and I'm not unconfident so I know that doesn't have anything to do with it I also don't think I'm a bad looking guy at all.


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  • If you're good looking, confident and not socially awkward I have a hard time believing "no women in your country" want you. Either you're lying to yourself and there's something wrong with what you're doing/saying/what you look like or how you're acting, or you're approaching the wrong kinds of women (already taken, out of your league, not ready for relationships, not having any common interests etc). I don't think you'll find any women in a different country if you can't even score in your own.
    It seems like guys who "put themselves out there" excessively end up going about it the wrong way. What they say and do becomes rehearsed, stiff, boring and predictable. Like "ah I bet I'm the 20th girl he has approached today". Like reading a script. It's noticeable that you might not even treat women as human beings anymore, just objects to approach and get rejected by. Or they're too desperate and aggressive, which makes the girl feel uneasy and unsafe. Like in a lot of those "guy gets rejected by 100 girls" videos on youtube, the guy just blocks the girl in the street, doesn't let her leave, kinda forces her to respond, becomes bitter when she walks away (shocking, not everyone has the time for strangers in the streets) etc.
    So think long and hard about what you're doing and saying to the girls you try to approach and message. 90% of the time, if you as a confident and good-looking guy get rejected, chances are you just said something really off-putting, or you didn't manage to get a nice conversation flow, without even realizing it yourself. I think I'm pretty good at keeping up conversations myself, but sometimes when I chat with guys on tinder and I read what they've said to me, it's just like "what the fuck am I even supposed to reply to this?" you know. Analyze yourself a bit more.

    • I said I don't believe I'm a bad looking guy. That doesn't mean women will believe that too. And I don't approach the wrong women because there's no such. Its not like they're running around with the type of woman they are stamped on their foreheads. I don't approach 20, 100 women a day, I just think the expectations and standards of even below average looking women in the USA are becoming more unreasonable. Besides you didn't even answer the title questions

    • Women aren't defined by what country they live in, a man between the ages of 36-45 should be able to realize himself that there are good and bad women in every single country.

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  • I know a LOT of couples where the woman is from another country, mostly Philippines, but also South/Cent America, Russia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. I have known a few guys that have tried a Thai wife, but only one worked out.

    Filipinas complain about the men over there, and say they would never marry one. Their husbands complain about the women here, and say they would never marry one, or again. There is no language barrier, so it iseasy (you do have to learn that they point with their lips, because if you don't respond they will yell out you for not paying attention).

    If you are white, have a job, are not abusive, and are not obese, you can get a Filipina wife. Piece of cake.

    I have a tough time with Russian women, and I can speak Russian ok. I think it is the communist attitude thing.

    I personally find Indonesian women lovely, and many speak perfect English. But they are mostly Moslems and their culture is harder for most Americans to understand. Vietnamese and mainland Chinese women are usually horrible in English, and I have the same problem with Chinese ones as I do with Russians.

    I had one Thai girlfriend a long time ago, who was a PhD student, a tall skinny girl, but I couldn't imagine living with her, she would drive me nuts if I had to spend more than three days at a time with her.

    If you speak Spanish, you can find some nice Mexican and beautiful Colombian women. If you don't then it is iffy.

    Here are some other differences. If you meet a Filipina, she will immediately introduce you to her extended family and they will tell you how beautiful your mestizo children will be. They will also instruct you how loyal to their families Filipinas are (that means you pay for it). If you meet a Thai woman, she will hide you from her friends and family, as she does not want them to think she is a prostitute. Eventually she might introduce you after she gets her immigration visa. If you meet an Indonesian woman, she will not tell her family about you until you are engaged, but she will immediately introduce you to her gaggle of friends and what they are talking about that you don't understand is that she is telling them how big of a penis you have compared to Indonesian guys, and her friends are saying she is so lucky and will ask if you have any single friends back in America. Many Jakarta women have a fantasy of sleeping with a white guy before they get married, and I can attest, if they didn't make it they will drop the before part.


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  • I mean, you can. Just beware as that some go for Americans for status/opportunitistic reasons. Some may genuinely like you, but beware of scammers.

    Where are you located? Can you post a pic? How long have you been single? Ever had a gf?

    • How do you approach women? What kinds of women do you go for? Where? Are they coworkers (it's understandable why they'd reject you if that were the case), friends, etc?

      There are so many questions I have lol

      I have a hard time believing an attractive, confident man has a problem getting dates.
      Which is why I need a pic.
      Do women ever approach you?
      Has any woman ever?

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    • No I haven't

    • Has any girl ever approached you? Do b they look at you?

  • A lot of the women on those foreign dating sites are just there to con money out of unsuspecting foreigners.

    • Not talking about fiding one online, actually going to a country, not a poor economically deprived country a developed one, and approach women there. Maybe women in the UK

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    • I disagree as it comes to what a girl desires in a guy. I am average looking at best. But I am rich. I've dated some incredibly beautiful women. That didn't really start to happen until I got close to being rich. Rich and smart beats dumb and good looking eventually.

    • @WalterRadio why not smart and good looking? Also, how is your little verbal vomit relevant to anything I have said? Go away, old man.

  • Mail order bride?

    • No maybe visiting a country, approaching women there. Not none of these poor economically deprived countries, like another developed country.

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    • Well you so have a point.

      Well good luck

    • Deprived is not synonymous with depraved.

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  • if your having no luck at all anywhere, i dont think you'll have any luck on foreign women ether, sorry bro.

    • Why so?

    • women are all basically the same, but if you want to give it a try, go for it.

    • Women are NOT all basically the same. There are some big differences in attitudes toward marriage and men.

      There was a study done of American college women on their top 10 most desired characteristics. The top few I remember are: Tall, Good looking, athletic, bulky, cute butt, knew how to party. They also asked Asian women; and if they were raised in the US, they had the same answer. If they were raised in Asia, they said: Intelligent, good career, same religion, good job, respectful to parents. See the difference? The American girls all picked shallow traits and the Asian girls all picked traits that are important for a good marriage.

      I go out with all types, and there is definitely a difference.

  • If you go to any other country where the culture is different than the US then you would def get women, not because you are a special snow flake but because you are a foreigner and women's panties fall for this.
    Then you gotta watch out for the plenty of women who will want you only to get a free ticket to the US, once they settle here then they leave, usually.
    Seen this happen plenty of times.
    So take your chances, there are women here who would be interested in you tho, for some reason you are not coming in contact with them.

  • Let me ask you this: where do u plan on doing this?

  • Yeah, give them a try, for the most part they are much better. American woman only care about looks and money. I suggest you try brazilian woman, they're very nice, beautiful and will pick personality and heart over looks, sex and money

  • American women are getting a bad international reputation. You can thank the feminist movement for that. I would seek a foreign woman.
    I'd say from Latin America, the Phillipines or Thailand.