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Me and my girlfriend are on vacation on a beach resort in turkey and it has been 9 days. She met this guy on the second day while playing beach volleyball and they have been texting while she's sunbathing and even while having dinner with me... So now i see the guy, on our floor, walking to the lifts, and when i go into the room she's taking a shower. She usually doesn't shower during the day... I dont know what to think. The curtains were also closed so somebody wouldn't see what?


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  • I've never left my boyfriend while on vaca with him.

    • yes but do you think they mightve had sex or am i interpreting things wrongly?

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    • I didn't ask what i am

    • Ok. You are interpreting things from an insecure perspective. Which in many cases is wrong.

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  • Time to find a new girlfriend.


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  • You are on vacation with your girlfriend and you guys are apart from each other? how does that work? where were you?

    • I was at my massage appointment at the spa

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    • @pooper89 we just didn't, she didn't wanna

    • @pooper89 Right?

      he said "she didn't wanna", then you should have picked a different activity. or even better, dragged her ass over there regardless. Its vacation, the time to Get a massage and she said she didn't wanna so you just went alone... nice. If it turns out that your girl is really getting it from this guy, ON vacation, i apologize ahead of time, but im gonna laugh my head off.

  • I think you know what that means.

  • I suggest you talk to your girlfriend about this. There's an obvious possibility they may be... You know. If she did you don't need to be dating a bitch like that anyways. I wish you all best of luck