Met for the first time, had sex, and I'm moving away?

Me and this guy have been talking everyday for the past 3 months (just over). In this period, I really started to like him, we have very similar tastes and we just clicked on a spiritual level. He told me he really liked me too, and he's mentioned it to other people aswell. We live 2 hours away from each other, and neither of us has a car so with university and other things going on, we didn't have a chance to see one another.
Yesterday I made my way to meet him in his town, and we went back to his place. We were just listening to music and talking, but I was so in disbelief that we were finally seeing each other that my mind just went blank and I couldn't even talk to him without messing up. We hadn't even kissed at this point, and it was only later that we started making out, and one thing led to another. There was so much sexual energy in the room and I felt so comfortable around him unlike I've been with anyone else. I remember looking at him and thinking ┬┤shit, I think I'm in love with you' and just felt so shaky, like every cell in my body was being drawn to him. We were in silence for a lot of times, which wasn't awkward for me as I just wanted to feel his presence since we speak so much through messages, but I feel like it might have been for him.
We only spent a few hours together as I had to go back to my city, and after he messaged me saying how much he enjoyed spending time with me and how much he had loved me (not in a 'i love you' kind of way though, more like 'I love how you are as a person'). I'm also moving to another country this weekend, not forever but for a good six months. He told me not to lose touch with him, and I don't plan to, and I asked him to do the same, and he said when I get back it is his turn to go see me.

So, my question is, do you think meeting each other in person made things worse/awkward or made him change his opinion on me? Or am I just overthinking it? And is there a chance for us in the future?


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  • Long distance relationships can definitely work, but you both have to work at it.


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  • I doubt it made him change his opinion on you. He wanted it to happen as much as you wanted it.
    As for your question regarding if there is a chance for you in the future, well... no one can be able to tell.

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