Gossips around the office are terrible?

I made the mistake i guess of telling a girl that i like her, i even sent her flowers, she's a coworker, anywho, even when i took all the precautions, it seems that now, everyone knows about what i did (the flowers thing) and obviously that i was "under her spell' long story short, the girl has a boyfriend already, so i'm f#cked in that regard. and also i'm the hot topic in the office apparently.

it's awkward, i still have feelings about her, and i have to see her everyday. and to make things even worse, it seems she's trying to avoid me. like in a polite way.

I tried to denied this thing, but... i don't know. my situation is terrible right now. it seems that the spotlight it's on me right now.

I literally have this physical reaction on my stomach, like everytime i see this lady or remember her when i'm on my place. i feel awful, really awful, like empty inside, like a hollow feeling =(


What Girls Said 1

  • Well it's already done nothing you can do about it now just deal it.

    • yeah, there's nothing i can do. it was a bad call. but, you know, those damn feelings. anyhow, i'm dead already in that regard.

    • Yeah sometimes our feelings can get the best of us. Sometimes we can do things without thinking it's okay I been there.

What Guys Said 1

  • NEVER try for or get into a relationship at work. Gossip starts... Imagine if a relationship gets going and there is a breakup! That's a real crapstorm!

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