Girls, Does she like me or not?

Ok so see this girl around and we instantly had strong eye contact and was always checking each other out. So I was taken at the time and avoided catching the train for months. This is when she started to try and grab my attention walking passed blushing , smiling and saying hi all the time. So then I had a hard knock in my life lost my job. I just started another and started getting the transport. This is when I dug deeper ( located her Facebook ) . She has had a nd the whole time which dates from her university. Whom I'm guessing she doesn't see him much. But I seen her with him this time as he obv come home she avoided eye contact , looked extremely anxious. So what's going on here should I chill then make moves lol


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  • Maybe, you should get to know her as a friend. You should ask about her life and school and be sociable. Just see if she is happy and if she has any interest in you. It couldn't hurt just to see.

    It would be worse to wonder about it, I imagine...

    • Indeed ! I was planning on making a move but today I just seen her with her boyfriend if 4 years she avoided eye contact and looked anxious ! As around 2 months ago she was trying to start conversations with me she has been staring , blushing , saying hi , purposely walking past to do this and at times acting coy. I have never initiated conversation but she insisted on saying hi? So what would you say I should do she knows I know and I still find her incredibly beautiful do you know what she's thinking about me?

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    • Hmm you are very clever indeed ! I have to admit I probably haven't taken the hints that she has given so far. I just feel that now she still thinks I don't like her and dug her heels in assuming it's a lucky escape she may block me instantly? In a panic

    • I don't think she will block you. But, she may feel something for you. You may have to ask or just hint yourself that you may be interested or give her some idea of what you are thinking. Some women can't read men well at all.