What does it mean when my girlfriend asks how often do I play with myself?

i haven't dated much so I don't know what that means.


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  • She's asking how often you masturbate. Probably a blunt honest answer, free of shame, maybe cutting it with a little bit of humor, might work. At least that's my usual strategy when people ask kind of sensitive questions like that.

    • ... and be sure to bounce the question right back to her after your answer.

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    • I just didn't wasn't her to feel like because I don't as much as others that it means I don't think she is attractive. Or cause I do a lot that I am a perv lol

    • Perv can be okay -- humorous pervert is my personal style. :-D Can even exaggerate and say "all the time, all week long."

  • maybe trying to gauge your sexual desire level, to see if you can keep up with her, or if she can, with you.

    • How do I tell her that I can doesn't matter what either a lot or little

    • That was just one reason. Is she a little assertive? Maybe she wants to make the asking about your masturbation habits a prelude to sharing her own, as a way to have a first time, 'Sexual' experience, but not intercourse? Some women like to move slowly, and if you like each other, and feel things, maybe being together, and showing the other how you like touching yourselves, helps both of you understand how to touch each other when intimately loving, having intercourse.
      Talk to her, ask her about what she wants to know!!
      Relax, and just have fun!! Laugh, and enjoy being together!!

  • How often... do you... PLAY... with yourself

    how often do you choke the 🐓

    Still dont get it-how often do you jerk off with your own dick in the bathroom watching porn?