Why do guys always stop talking to me? Online guys mostly?

I mostly go online for dating sites. I reach out to guys and they respond. Usually if I don't find someone attractive I don't respond, so I assume not the case for me. Conversation is good for the few texts. They use a lot of empticons, or say I'm pretty, and after a day they stop. I'm not understanding why. Whenever they do I feel depressed. I know people don't have to respond quickly and a day isn't long, but usually that day ends up being weeks or months. I always feel worthless in the end. How do I know if someone is being nice when messaging me vs being unstressed? I don't want to respond to ones that are not interested and are just trying to spare my feelings.


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  • I stopped talking to a girl yesterday. The reason I did so was because she didn't seem interested. She would respond briefly and wouldn't initiate conversations at all. That's the only reason I'd stop - if she becomes disinterested.

    • Hmm yeah that's usually why I would stop too. But I don't believe I sounded uninterested. *shrugs* I'll never know then

    • Neither will I so I know how you feel. She never really said what's wrong. We're both in the dark lol

  • I guess those guys must be texting other girls too and when they must be getting someone better they move on from you? I mean you said that you don't respond to someone you don't find attractive so they must be done the same thing to you :-)

    • Oh well and don't put too much hope in online dating... Too much competition there

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    • Well I don't know Lol but using 😁😋😎 these are just the way we flirt online...

    • Yeaa and I don't even do online dating Lol especially shit apps like tinder

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  • It's best not to take chatting to guys online too seriously. Most keep their options open and are chatting to lots of girls. Most online friendships and relationships come to an end, so it's rare for even just chatting in general to a guy to last very long. It takes longer to get to know someone online. There'many reasons why they become indifferent towards you , but I'd expect nothing less from anyone online

    • Yeah- I don't like online dating. I feel it's fake and not sincere. I told myself I'll stay away from online dating but then I go back and it's the same. Feeling worthless and not interesting because they stop. I'd rather meet someone in person definitely.

    • I feel the same. Insecurities start to set in. When chatting to a guy online it's best to hold onto your heart until you can hold him in your arms. It has nothing to do with you why they don't work out, it's because it's difficult building an online relationship. Most people find this. My heart's now on reserve for a guy who I can meet in person and get to know in reality , rathr than the illusion of an online relationship ❤