Is it wrong to regift stuff from past relationships to current girlfriends?

I won't lie, I'm thinking of doing it.
I could get rid of some useless crap and get in the good books with my girlfriend at the same time.

Get two birds stoned at once.

But is it wrong?

  • Not wrong
  • A bit wrong but I would still do it
  • Completely wrong
  • Gerard Depardieu wrong
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  • As long as you're absolutely sure neither of the girls will ever find out I'd say do it.


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  • If something is not for me, someone else might want to have it. It's better than throwing it in the trash.

    • That's the direction I'm leaning in too.

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    • I don't think the intention is to be mean, but I don't think it is thoughtful.
      As the way he described it "I could get rid of some useless crap", I don't feel the care.
      As you put it, it is understandable, but I would prefer not to do it or done to me.

    • @Nukina
      I think I should clear something up though. I wouldn't GIFT it. I would just give it to her. I forgot that important distinction. I get how you would feel if it was offered to you at your birthday all wrapped.

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  • I wouldn't like it.
    you can give those gifts to other people, just not the current girlfriend. if she is very special to you. a present should be thoughtful of what she likes.
    i got spoiled by my exs. they have always been very attentive and thoughtful with gifts or doing things for me. :P


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