Girls, Why do you tease random guys?

Please select an option from the poll. If you choose option F , do comment your personal opinion below. Thanks.

  • You find the random guy funny-looking so you just tease him for fun.
    25% (1)
  • You find him interesting-looking and want to be ONLY friends with him.
    0% (0)
  • You are Sexually attracted to him and want to get to know him personality wise , before you can decide whether you want to have sex with him or not.
    25% (1)
  • You find him attractive and ONLY want attention for fun. You have NO intention to date/sex with him.
    0% (0)
  • You are sexually attracted to him and want him to ask you for casual sex, so you can sleep with him. If he doesn't ask you for casual sex you won't have casual sex ever with him.
    0% (0)
  • None of the above options apply to me. (My personal opinion).
    50% (2)
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  • I don't.


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