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This might be a little long so I apologize in advance.
I am 21 year old girl.

I started talking to a guy I have known since I was younger and we hit it off. We were going great and he seemed to really like me as well. Im not sure what happened but he just turned cold and wouldn't really talk to me anymore. We have been talking for about 5 months now. Yesterday he posted a snap story with a girl watching fireworks and called her babe. I asked him and he said it's not his girlfriend but someone he was talking to. He had no shame to mention this at all and earlier in the day he was flirting with me. We were never official but we did have sex multiple times and he was still willing to even though he was talking to someone else. I would have never expected this from him, he just didn't seem like that type of guy and I am so upset. I put the blame all on myself for having sex with him I guess and I feel like a total idiot. Part of me wants to still have sex with him because I know this girl and I hate her but I know that its wrong.

Recently, I find myself missing my ex, we dated for 4 years in HS and some part of college. I don't know if its just because we grew up together. He was really great except sometimes he would be very emotionally abusive. He said he has changed and just wants to see me so he can show me. Should I give him another chance? I have never been so upset and confused in my life. I can't forget the other guy either. Part of me wants to go back and give my ex a chance because I just want to be happy again. I am so sad lately and feel so lonely, all my friends have boyfriends and often leave me behind. I feel this especially on holidays and the summer when all my friends are out enjoying themselves with their boyfriends.


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  • You need option 3. A brand new guy. Neither are good for gou


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  • Have sex with both of them just because you can. Spend more time with whoever you like the most.
    Really though, you're not stupid for sleeping with that guy. I'm guessing you never decided to be exclusive and he's just spending time with someone else he's hit it off with. Exploring his options ya know? Boys will be boys. Do what feels right to you girl!

  • the other sound like a player.. forget about him.. The other one sounds abusive, which is worse.. Why not just let yourself be free for a while. you're young, get away from this boy hassle


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