Girls, Don't know what to make of this?

Ok so it started when me and this girl was making deep eye contact. We use to always stare. Then I didn't make moves for months and I didn't see her for months. She would then purposely adjust her hair etc etc and walk past smile , blush and say hi and I didn't pursue , I then didn't see her around for months. As my job requirements. Ok so why did she blush walk past say hi everytime she saw me? I didn't make moves I noticed she had a boyfriend so I decided to why her know my motives I didn't add her I just liked one of her photos and commented and said she looked nice. As I could tell she was confused and obv saying hi for a reason and walking past just to do so Ok so I seen them both on the he seen my comment obv. When he turned away from her she Looked at me and smiled like a smile to say omg lol my boyfriend knows. So he pulled me up and asked if I was such a person I said no so now I think he's kind of forced her to send me a message and block me to ensure I don't make a move. The message basicly said just becoz I seen u on occasion doesn't you can make a move and make me feel uncomfortable. My boyfriend is aware of this. Ok so why on earth if she felt uncomfortable would she pursue me before hand to start saying hi and blushing? And smile to me. Behind his back girls let's come to a resolution lol

Never seen any of her friends only her lol


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  • Maybe her friend likes you and put her up to it

    • Never seen any of her friends