I forgot how to be single? how can I get back my mojo?

Fair enough I had just got out of a relationship a week ago with my now ex boyfriend who left me for another woman. I knew I owed it to myself to move on by getting into the single mojo again but I can't do it...

before i got into a relationship I was so bubbly and guys would approach and come talk to me but now, when a cute guy looks at me I brush it off and walk away and I freak out.

I found being single really easy going since I could have fun, meet with new people and not worry about commitment but it's like now I'm stronger and more aware of protecting my feelings I forgot how to be me.

how to be single?


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  • Nah, you just feel betrayed/traumatized and laden with feelings... it happens to all of us... that fear i mean. You can get your mojo back by doing the initiating to most guys.. it quells two initial problems...
    a. your fear of being alone
    b. that memories will haunt you.
    You can't be alone when you have those guys you initiated with, contacting you, and there won't be memories haunting you when you are busy making new ones.
    As a girl (you lucky tardo) you have it easier, especially if you are good looking.
    your real concern should be, not punishing some new guy you find interest in because you think he may turn out like the ex...


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  • It's hard to readjust however it will come naturally, don't be closed off, but have an open mind. there's not really a trick, Relearn the things you use to love, if you still do. Try new and different activities, gain more self confidence even if you have a good esteem.


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  • Go do stuff you enjoy that your former guy did not do with you. Go workout and exercise. When you start feeling better the guys will magically appear


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  • Be yourself.