Does this suggest he's not over her?

The girl that came before me (Aimee) basically led him along while he was interested in her... not knowing that she already had a man. He really liked her and this hurt him.

Now, Aimee and a bunch of his friends are camping out this Friday, and she invited him to go (in a group Facebook conversation) And he said yes. This was after telling me how angry he had been with her and what she'd did to him.

He says he would never be interested in her again after what she did and that he holds a grudge towards her for hurting him. He then hugged me really tight for a while, told me not to worry and kissed me. He reassured me that he really likes me and would never do anything to hurt me.

So yeah, I guess, do you think he seems genuine?

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  • It's hard to say really , because he's obviously been, so hurt by her so why would he want to go camping knowing she'd be there. I'd understand if he was over the hurt but he's clearly not.

    To be honest, he should at least consider your feelings. It's not nice to leave you behind to go on a trip with friends knowing a girl he had feelings for and wanted a relationship with will be there.

    He said he'd never hurt you , but in the end it's up to you to decide what hurts you and what doesn't... not him

    If a guy I was dating went on a weekend trip with a girl he'd once cared about in a romantic way , then he'd find I'd moved on from him when he came back. I'd never allow anyone to set me up as a fool , either intentionally or unintentionally

    • Thank you for the MHO

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  • Yes. I think so. I think that, as long as you have either
    A) romantic feelings for someone or
    B) a grudge for someone
    you're not over them. He might not have romantic feelings for her but he's not over her because he's still mad about things, and he still holds a grudge. I feel like you're only over a person, or a situation, once you fully let go and you feel nothing towards said person, or what happened between the two of you. Does this mean he'll cheat? Probably not, most people who hold a grudge for a long enough time have no intentions on ever backtracking and starting to feel romantic feelings towards the person. But there are a few other people who try to disguise their romantic feelings with hatred, and would in fact jump at the opportunity of getting another chance with the person who hurt them, because they're still not over the romantic feelings part.
    It's impossible to say what your boyfriend feels since he's the only one who truly knows (but then again some people lie to themselves about what they feel, but that's another topic entirely). I would suggest you just take his word for it and try not to worry about this other girl.

    • But as for the actual camping trip, I wonder why he'd even want to go seeing as she'll be there and he clearly is still mad at her. Like even though his other friends will be there too, I'm not sure why he'd want to put himself in a situation where he'd also have to deal with her for an entire weekend. I would talk to him about it.

  • I believe, @EmiliaRose2355, if he Really cared enough about you, he would not bother with her.
    However, if you both are just Friends and not Anything right now, he probably is going to see if maybe a Flame again can be Rekindled when everyone Is... Camping out this Friday.
    Good luck. xx

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