Girls, Why did she smile behind boyfriends back?

Ok so long story. Girl who I seen on way home from work and Made quite intense eye contact. So it happened frequently like everyday sometimes her eyes would light up etc etc. Then I started not catching it for a while on and off months later this is when I noticed she started staring again and also trying to get my attention such as walking past me smiling , blushing etc. But I didn't make moves she would just stare. So this time I seen her with her boyfriend she seemed anxious so I thought it's about time I shown her that I was and am interested. So I commented on one of her pictures and liked a few saying she looked nice. But I didn't add her. Next minute she gets on the tram with her boyfriend when his backs turned she looks directly at me and smiles directly at me then turned her attention him etc. So he pulled me up on it asked if I was such a person I said no hahaha ! He therefore must if forced her to send a message via Facebook


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  • Sounds like trouble! Do not even pursue this girl no matter what flirting gestures she gives you. If you start pursuing this girl she can turn around to her boyfriend and say "he was flirting with him" and you get the short end of the stick because you thought she was interested in you. Just back off until she is single; then pursue her! :)

    • I'm not pursuing her just wondering why the hell she smiled at me behind his back fully aware that it bothered him. Now she was trying to make moves for months and I stopped showing interest so I thought let's make her aware lol not pursue

    • Good. Do not pursue; she will be the one getting into trouble for showing affection onto you. Better to not feed her with attention otherwise she will keep coming back lol

    • Well I'm not bothered if she wants to keep coming back as I was building upto asking her out lol to late but just weird how she looked right at me and had a big smile on her face

  • She has a boyfriend so who cares why she smiled? Step off.

    • Very true ! And I am but I was just curios really

    • She's smiling at you because she's flirting and wants to see if she can have her cake and eat it too.

    • Possibly

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