Is he just not that into me?

So I met this boy and went out with him on a date. The two other times we seen each other it was more like a regular hang out. I thought its cute that he came by to see me one night, right after he had a long and busy day. I went out last night with a girlfriend of mine. I got really wasted, and I wanted to talk to him. I texted him I missed him, he said he did too..but he ended the convo short..saying he's going to bed. Later in the night, I re-texted him saying that I didn't that we shouldn't carry on anymore...he texted me back that is okay..and that he understands, because it always happens to him anyway he says. He told me that he had a nice time with me and that he enjoyed it...thing is.. I still care.. but he's just not giving me enough attention...he never called me once, he's always just texting me...i really don't like that..but its only been 2 weeks were seeing each other..what should I do now? should I text him?


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  • were you distant on the dates? did you make him feel like you wanted him? after the date did you tell him you enjoyed it and wanted to see him again? I mean seriously what is wrong with women these days lol.

    you basically just said you don't want to see him. he probably thinks you don't like him which is understandable seeing as you just said to him that you "shouldn't carry on". guys can't read minds and this isn't some make believe love story or movie your living in. if you have feelings for this person then tell him how you feel.

    • We kissed on first date and I told him that I had an amazing time with him that night. I still like him. I have a feeling that I told him to carry on because I wanted to see his reply to it.

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  • Trust me a couple years ago I went through this SAME thing..always texting never called me and cut convo's short and he put in very little effort. We ended up dating a year and I DID ALL THE WORK...he put in no effort into the started that way and ended that way..LISTEN this guys is putting no effort into you. Don't settle for that. He is not even trying to keep you in his life. How much could he care for you if he is not trying to keep you. Forget him..the right guy for you will make sure your in his life and will fight to keep you with him!

    • You're definitely right. The texting thing is bothering me. If a man rly cares he will call and want to hear my voice instead. It p*ssed me off and that's one of the main reasons why I told him to carry on. He's not fighting for me because he's got an ego. But should I just wait and see what happens? Why do I feel like talking to him!? its driving me crazy lol

    • I went through that its driving me crazy phase to ...its just your ego not wanting to me its not worth it...if he won't bother to pick up the phone to call I mean how hard is that..its not hard at he won't do the easy stuff ...why would he put forth effort when things got tough..think aobut this some one you really want to have a relationship with someone who can't even be bothered to call you? No your time and energy for someone who will give something back