Is it possible to have to much in common?

So I know a guy who is pretty much the male version of me. We have practically everything in common and the attraction between us is pretty obvious. Has been for a while. He tells me that I am very grounded and a cool girl to be around and that he would kill to date a girl like me but he always dates melodramatic, emotionally unstable women. I was telling this problem to another friend of mine that said it's possible that he may be turned off by the fact that we have so much in common and that is why he is choosing to date these other chicks instead of me (the latest being and ex that verbally and financially abuses him and has cheated on him several times). Is it possible to have too much in common?

He has already told me that he is physically attracted to me and has made several advances on me, so lack of physical/sexual attraction is definitely not the issue.


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  • It is possible, but I do not see why that should be a reason to not date you


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  • Yeah it would be like dating your sibling. Ew gross 😖

    • Yeah, I can see that, but we've actually been intimate (not going into full detail) so I doubt that's it but you never know I guess lol.

    • Friction is fun. Why do you think Crazy Italian couples fight all the time? Cause it's fun and not boring lmao.. It can get kinda stagnant when you always agree on everything and things run so smoothly bc you're practically dating the male version of yourself.