Am I wrong for being shallow?

Alright, so let's be blunt here.

I met a friend who lives a good distance from me. We've talked a lot over the two years we've known eachother, and I grew to like her and be very open with her about, well everything.

I like her, great personality, and her voice was always super cute!

But, when I saw her there were some very offputting things about her appearance, the face is just something that makes 90% of a person's physical appearance to me, and it's caused me to reevaluate whether or not I would really want to go out with her at some point if we were to move closer, or even try a long distance thing.

I guess my question is, am I being too shallow? Should I just leave it alone?


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  • You might like her face the more you see it or you might not. It's up to you if you really want to see her more.


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  • No it's harsh but you have to be honest if you aren't physically attracted to her. That attraction is so important in a relationship.
    I had a similar experience except I'm the girl and I'm not his style at all. It sucks but at least I know tthe truth.

    • Big sis over here is completely correct.. That being said iv always given women who ask me out a chance regardless of their physical appearance.. But im sort of a bleeding heart when it comes to fuglies

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    • @MrAssHat lol how generous of you! 😂

    • I do what i can for as long as i can =P

  • Im confused. So in the two years you got to know her, you've never seen her before? Did you just see her in pictures and she looked different in person?

    • No we spoke over instant messaging for about a year and a half.

    • That was vague and didn't answer your question. We spoke for about a year and a half over just voice and IM, I hadn't seen a picture of her no.

  • If you aren't attracted to her don't bother.

  • Physical attraction is important to everyone , so it's not shallow if you aren't attracted to her appearance. Before most people consider a relationship they first need to have the initial physical attraction. Their personality determines if the relationship continues and progresses


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