Why someone can't get over a person?

Why someone can't get over a person?

I have been thinking about this weird phenomena that is quite common for both girls and guys. Now I have myself been too hung on this guy I know I have no future with. I just want to get over him and move on. But years have passed and I am still not over him.

I am now dating this really great guy, and I like him a lot. It is just that I keep comparing him with the first guy who made me somehow feel more alive. He was so right, and yet so wrong. This new guy makes me feel fuzzy but that's all.

Do you have similar experiences? Which is the biggest reason why you can't move on? Why, even though there is nothing to hold on, do you think it is so hard to move on?

(Ps. Sorry for the random pics)

  • Social-media contact
  • Not seeing other people
  • No closure
  • Other
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  • Because they haven't found someone new yet

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