Girls, Really confused and got myself into a weird situation with some girl?

Ok for roughly 11 months I was seeing this girl around now we instantly locked eyes and for months after we would always check each other out and she would start eye flirting and smiling. As I was taken at the time I didn't make moves. So I avoided seeing her as I felt seeing her just made me nervous and due to work. That's when I think she started to make moves as she would purposely walk past me to say hi and blush , smile etc maybe not seeing me made her want to pursue? Ok so I didn't see her for months she now has a boyfriend I never told her I liked her and I could tell previously she was confused. So I decided to comment on her picture. And I seen them both her boyfriend started looking at me like mopey way. As he turned around she looked at me with the biggest smile like she was suprised I finally made her aware thT I liked her. Now I don't really know how to take it. As why would she purposely look me in the eye and smile after me finally showing interest. Now Ino she's taken and I should of made moves a lot sooner but come on lol purposely smiling at me was it a message? Lol


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  • If you guys had that weird flirting situation for so long then I'm sure it's just because she's happy you finally noticed her since she's been after you for so long. HOWEVER I WILL SAY, because she's taken you're just going to have to wait again. If she decides to leave her dude now that you're free again then that's her prerogative, but don't initiate anything. I wouldn't be surprised if she was still into you though.

    • She's now avoiding me I tried to avoid her ! I waited accross the city square for her to get on the tram before me and she tried to do the same but she seen me and I turned away and quickly walked off. I just don't want to see her and it kind of hurts really as even though we haven't spoke properly I still felt a connection and was shy to make a move

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    • Ino but , like I said I finally shown her I liked her. Behind her boyfriend back she looked at me and smiled as she wasn't sure for all t his time. But like I said why would she feel the need to avoid me we are avoiding each other. But I don't care if she has boyfriend it was just my way of letting her know I do hope she grows up and stops avoiding me it's annoying as its not working as when I avoided her we still bump into each other

    • Maybe she just feels bad or she has someone else so she doesn't want to see you much anymore in case she has feelings for you still. It doesn't matter. Be a grown man and stop avoiding her too, that's silly.

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