Struggling in a wrong relationship. What to do?

So today it happens to be our anniversary. We have been dating for two months but I don't think I'm in the right relationship. The things were going smooth for the first month and all this started in middle of second. I've always been devoted to her and I love her more than anything. In the beginning of 2015 I told her that I was into her but then she moved to another city. And then my liking for eventually grew into love. And then we started dating and all I asked from her was to be by myself and she said that she can't do it. And since that day we didn't talk much and whenever she calls and we talk it's almost suffocating for me to talk. I'm getting second thoughts about our relation. Please help


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  • today isn't your ANNIVERSARY lol. anniversaries come every YEAR. if you're dating you can't really expect to be by yourself, and it sounds like you guys are long distance which requires more time and energy and effort. If you dont want to make that effort then end it. Though I would encourage you to try and talk to her and see if you can compromise and figure out a better schedule for you to be in touch and whatnot. I like talking to whoever I'm dating almost all day every day. So if you guys aren't on the same page, either figure out a way to be, or end it.


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  • I had that kind of problem too. I was in a problematic relationship for 5 months. He was very clingy and always wanted to meet me even though we were in the same class._.
    He tried to force himself on me (but that's another story) and he wanted me to spend every single second of my life with him.
    I couldn't do my homework properly, meet with friends and have my ALONE time.
    I've talked to him but he didn't respect the need for being by myself.
    SO I ended this relationship.

    If you need some alone time, talk to your partner. If she doesn't respect that need, and you don't like that, you are probably too young to this kind of relationship and you should end it as early as you can, to prevent discomfort and suffering.

    Good luck m8

  • Well, if you feel suffocated you might be in a difficult relationship.
    I feel that you should have a talk with your girlfriend.

    Tell her how you feel and if she doesn't respond the way you want her to, that may mean that this relationship might not work.

  • Long distance doesn't work. Especially at your age


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