Should I give it a second try?

Ok so I had asked a girl in my class on a date later today through Facebook she never replied I couldn't figure out why but I was thinking of sending her the message a little to straightforward?

Thanks for opinions
Opinions are really giving me a lot to think about


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  • Maybe she didn't see it. Or you should have done it in person.

    • Is it gonna be clingy

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    • no one is asking you to FIGHT them..

    • I don't mean literally like I meant I'm not trying to compete

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  • I don't understand the thought process behind using media to ask someone something as important as this.

    Put your phone away or your laptop and actually go up to her and ask.

    If she says no, it's not meant to be, if she says yes, then don't forget to ask when is a good time for her.

    • So are you saying she didn't respond cause she wants me to ask her in person

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    • If it were me, I would not go in looking for a date the next time you see her. Just be friendly and see how she reacts to that. You may have to build things back up again with her.

    • Yeah cause she replied to my original message asking if she had plans which she told me she had English after this class and I said I wanted to take her to dinner in the next message which she ignored

  • No, I think she ignored you on purpose.

    • So why would this same girl attempt to initiate conversations with me because this was actually sparked by how she twice started a conversation with me she even have me Tim Hortons as I was writing a paper in the library