How can you deal seeing a person you like everyday, when that person doesn't like you back?

This lady at my workplace is sitting a couple of desks from me. and well, i like her, but she already has a B. F. and she also knows about my feelings.

Everytime she's like a bit distant or get upset with me, for whatever reasons, i feel bad, even when i'm not supposed to feel like that, after all, why do i care? if she has a B. F. but, i don't know, i still want to make her laugh, i still want to talk with her and be around her. not only for a job related stuff.

it's not like i still have hopes about us, it's just, i don't know, i want things to be the same way they were before. i just can't get her out of my mind.

what should i do? =(


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  • I'd probably get over it. I get over people easily.

    • wish i could be like that, but i'm not =(

      i love this lady, but well... i guess time will heal things eventually. i even consider at some point the option of just quiting my job, just to avoid seeing this lady.

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  • "How can you deal seeing a person you like everyday, when that person doesn't like you back?"

    Find someone else to like, and quit that trick cold turkey.

    • i know, but trust me, is not that simple. i see her everyday. she still talks with me occasionally, and we're not like fighting or any sort of dramatic shit. but we used to eat lunch and take breaks together, almost everyday, and exchange messages like crazy. i still want that. i know!! what good that would do? i don't know. i just miss our previous interactions, our "old routine"

    • There is no easy way of doing this, but you have to rip that part from yourself so you can find a prettier, smarter, single girl that you can date.

  • Exact exact same situation here! I hope you get the feedback you want