Gut feeling or overreaction?

I was going on a second date with a guy (whom I met online) and he was very insistent on giving me a lift home. I brought my own car since it was easier and as I met him online I preferred to build up some trust first. He almost seemed a bit disappointed that he couldn't give me a lift. We booked a third date and once again he is really insistent about giving me a lift. Once again I'll be driving since it is easier.

I'll be honest I'm a little uneasy online dating as of late since in the past few months I have heard some nasty stories from friends. One got followed home by the guy, a friend of a friend got assaulted by a guy she was on a third date with, etc and it has made me nervous. I got a really nasty gut feeling about a guy once and I rejected him before anything bad happened. This feels more like nerves than that nasty gut feeling so am I overreacting or is my concern genuine?


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  • Your concerns are genuine. I would stick with the way you are handling things and just say to him... I have a strict date rule where I don't let anyone know where I live for safety reasons. It is an across the board thing so don't feel as though I am singling you out or anything.

    He should be okay with that and say... ya I want you to feel safe and it can be whenever you are ready!

    • Thanks for MHGuy, greatly appreciated... and hope the guy is respecting your boundaries.

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  • I say trust your gut. You can never be too careful with strangers. Keep going at your own pace, and let your guard down only when you're comfortable. If he keeps pushing make it clear how you feel and ask that he respects your wishes until you feel like you can trust him.


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