I been having weird dreams. One moment it is a weird dream and wake up from it and then the next dream it is a good dream. need help decifering it?

So I don't remember the weird dreams but the good dreams went like this. So both of the dreams are girls I like but have different back stories other than the second one since that was previous question. But the first dream was about me and this girl I like and in it we were hanging out and I was just kissing her cheek and flirty teasing her. That is all I remember. In the second dream that I had last night all I remember is that we were hanging out and we started to cuddle. So while I was trying to get comfortable in cuddling on arm on her stomach and the other went under the side of her neck and brushed up against her chest. I said sorry and moved it but she was fine with it and just moved it back to that area. I didn't do anything and I woke up. So I just need some help if people can decifer what they mean. Thank you for your help.


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  • Are you lonely?

    • It isn't that I am lonely. I just want to get in another relationship again.

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  • Dreams have no meaning to them. People remember them vaguely then decide to infer deeper meanings from them.
    ... There's a fancy word for that - seeing links that aren't there - but I forgot.

    • They actually do. It is your brain trying to put bits and pieces together or what you were last thinking of. Or something a long those lines.