How do I hint him to make a move?

How to let him know I'm intrested too?


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  • What has happened so far? How do you know each other? What is the extent of your conversations?

    • Well this is going to be long. So we're coworkers diffrent departments. We never actually knew eachother names till the other week when he asked for my name.
      We semi met when he was laughing at me when someone told me to speak louder, well thats when i started to notice him more that is. We officially greeted eachother the next day. But i didn't think much of it all because people in my company always greeting eachother. But then he started walking by my department a lot and wave hi. Then i approached him once to ask him if he was going to company party. He didn't. Then he started ignoring me so i ignored him. Soon we started talking normal greetings again he complimented me twice, cute and pretty. He started this tapping thing then stopped. I think he think me n my other coworkers are flirting so he started ignoring me. But he said hi to my today but i act like i didn't hear. So yeah its off and on. I dont get whats going to happen.
      Our conversations were normal.

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    • Liking a person isn't supposed to be so hard and hurtful.. it's hard and hurt because there's only me.

    • Yes, the one-sided stuff blows dead bears!

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  • You could just tell him... you could miss with a hint, but you can't miss with words. plus hints are irritating, some girls can't even do that right. think they are hinting one way but are sending a completely different message.

    • Wow you look just like my friend from highschool haha

    • i look like a lot of people... depends on lighting...

  • Tell him you him to make a move


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  • Tell him.

    • Just say it? Wouldn't that be weird?

    • Nope, im sure it would be a breath of fresh air for most.

    • Like "we should hang out some time?"
      But he always seem busy, he always talking about going to the bar with his friends and stuff