Go to go from casual dating to relationship?

I've been dating a guy for 2 months. We have a blast being together, so much fun. he's such a great guy. And I enjoy being around him. Weather we're with just each other or friends we seem to laugh and share and enjoy each other's company.
We haven't made anything official and neither of us talk about where things are going. I am getting ready to have the conversation but don't know where to start. We never talked about what we wanted out of this, what we are or where things will go. But I'm getting to the point where I don't want to put anymore effort in if its not going to go anywhere. I also don't want him seeing other guys and unless I tell him, I feel like he can do whatever he wants.
How do I have the conversation I've never done this before? What do I say? When do I bring it up? Do I tell him we need to talk? Please help, any details with be gratefully apperciated.


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  • Bring it up in a casual way and ask him. Tell him you're curious what he is looking for and go from there. Also make sure you're letting him know you really lile him and enjoy spendig time with him etc... make sure this is done in person as well! And don't spend too much time on it grilling him about his feelings etc because this can backfire and freak him out. ;)

  • Saying "we need to talk," especially sending a text that says that, is really scary. I definitely think this is a conversation you should have in person.

    You can try starting it a few ways. You can ask him "Where do you see this going?" He might not have an answer to that, which is okay. You can then ask "Do you see this becoming a relationship?" or "Are we exclusive?" This is a serious conversation, but you don't want it to sound too scary or accusatory (if that makes any sense). For example, if you ask "have you been going out with other girls?" that kinda sounds like a trick question, it sounds like you're going to get mad at him for being with other people. But if you say "I know we haven't really discussed this so I understand you might have also gone out with other girls, but I would like to pursue a relationship with you. Do you want to try being exclusive?" That is a much more open conversation. That shows him that you're not mad if he saw someone else over the past few month, but that you want to take the next step.

    • Thank you. I don't know why I get so scared with these things. I hate being vulnerable but I know I won't get anywhere if I don't. ThNks for the advice!

    • no problem! And it's definitely scary to talk about! But I think you just need to try to be cool because you don't want to scare him.