Is it cold feet or just something mental?

The past few years I've been struggling with anxiety and depression. I've been dating my wonderful boyfriend for over a year and a half now (friends for two and a half) and I can honestly say he's the most amazing person in my life. He handles me as a person well, along with any issues and baggage I carry with me, and always makes me feel loved and grounded. He just seems to know what I need without making me feel crazy or like a burden.
Although I do love him a whole lot, there are some points in our relationship where I don't feel anything for him. I don't know if I'm falling out of love every so often or if it's just depression sneaking in and kind of numbing all feelings toward him. I've talked to him about this and he's very understanding and doesn't seem to hold it against me.
Is it wrong to keep dating him if I'm not 110% sure he's the one after all this time together or is this something that comes along with loving with mental illnesses? I feel guilty for not giving him as much love as I think he deserves?
Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you xx


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  • It could just be that his not the guy for you. You can often have a really strong relationship with someone but not want them as a romantic interest which is complexly okay. Often times after a long time being with someone the romance fades and at this point you just need to do something to rekindle it (vacation, date nights, w/e)
    On the other hand though 1 in 8 people experience depression of some form throughout their life. If you think you could be on the road to becoming depressed it could be worth it to talk to a counselor about it before it gets too bad and starts to ruin your relationship.


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  • You're starting to get bored. It happens in most relationships.

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